Fun kids’ travel app: iSpot

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  • Banishing boredom for kids with an in-house app

    For some summer fun, we developed our own travel app for kids, an innovative twist on the ‘I-Spy’ game that’s perfect for today’s tech-aware children. Designed for the iPad, iSpot encourages kids to “spot” objects, people and places on their journey in return for a prize or reward for reaching a pre-selected target number of “spots”.

    Parents set the target to “easy”, “normal” or “hard”, as well as the prize or reward for their children’s efforts. Combining colourful images and words, iSpot is designed so that even pre-school children can play along with their older siblings, or simply hog the game all to themselves!

    • Results

      Watch this space! We’ve received positive feedback on this first iteration from our testing team and have now launched the iSpot app in the Apple App Store. We’ll be rolling out a new version with additional features for iPhones in the near future.

      Visit website:

    • What they say

      “It’s fun!”
      Elisha, aged 7 (Jumpstart kids’ testing team)

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