Interactive facebook app for Sussex pie maker Higgidy

  • App design and development for fast-growth food business

    To drive sampling and retail footfall for Higgidy’s quite delicious pies and quiches, we developed an innovative and highly interactive “Share a Pie” app which was an instant bestseller! “Share a Pie” took the Higgidy core values of generosity and sharing, and applied them in a social context to generate real customer excitement and engagement.

    The “Share a Pie” app enabled Higgidy Facebook fans to select a virtual pie from the Higgidy range, decorate it, write their friend’s name on the label and then post the pie on their friend’s Facebook wall. The friend was then able to print off a redeemable voucher for a free pie in-store.

    • Results

      We debuted the campaign on 27th March in time for Mother’s Day, but such was the success of the campaign that we reached our target of 4,000 “pie shares” in only 7 hours! Along the way, we grew Higgidy’s Facebook community by over 85% to more than 34,000 fans, in just five days!

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    • What they say

      “Unlike other agencies, who just want to ‘show you their credentials’, Jumpstart Interactive came to us with a tangible idea based on a real understanding of our business and our consumers. The ‘Share a Pie’ app they built reflects our core values of generosity and sharing, and has allowed us to carry out our first ever digital sampling activity, driving up to 10,000 people into store to find our products over the next year. It has provided a massive boost to our Facebook community too – each time we run it our new likes increase dramatically, and it’s the perfect way of rewarding our fans and capitalising on their word of mouth recommendations.”

      Amy Stevens, Brand Manager, Higgidy

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