Branding, print, website & packaging design for “green” manufacturer


  • A design “spring clean” for ecological cleaning specialists Bio-Productions

    Bio-Productions is an award-winning company with over 25 years’ experience of producing highly effective, environmentally-friendly cleaning products for the UK and international markets. An ecological pioneer, the company has been at the forefront of industry research and development to create safer cleaning products for professional and industrial use.

    To help Bio-Productions present a stronger and clearer brand image in its highly competitive marketplace, we delivered a complete redesign of every element of the company’s marketing and communications materials, informed by our customer, market and competitive research.

    This included a new visual identity to communicate the company’s “green” credentials, a new strapline and key marketing messages to reinforce its new positioning, new packaging design and a product labelling system to reflect and support its new identity, a comprehensive, high-quality product brochure, a responsive website to clearly communicate the company’s experience, credentials and range of products, and a series of refreshed product and corporate advertisements.

    • Results

      We’ve given Bio-Productions a fresh new look which highlights their ecological credentials and positions the company as an expert in its field. Combining striking visuals with strong messaging, Bio-Productions is now perfectly placed to strengthen its reputation, build its business and further develop its international markets.

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    • What they say

      “Clarity and impact”

      “Bio-Productions is well-respected within the professional cleaning industry and we felt it was time the company’s branding and marketing materials were revamped. Existing customers will still recognise Bio-Productions products, while the new image is already attracting new customers who can immediately see the products for what they are: effective, ecological cleaning and maintenance products for a wide range of applications. We’re delighted with our new look, and the clarity and impact which Jumpstart has brought to our brand.”

      Mike James
      Managing Director, Bio-Productions Ltd

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