Impacting the world with design

You may or may not have heard about Nike’s newly released product; the Nike Pro Hijab. It’s hitting the markets early next year. The garment is a brilliant design which fits Nike’s brand mission of “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.”

Over recent years, Nike has held meetings with top athletes who highlighted issues with wearing the traditional style of hijab during competitions and training. Anna Al Haddad, a female weightlifter, explained how the hijab’s “weight and lack of breathability” caused her disrupted focus, therefore giving Nike a great idea.

“the hijab’s “weight and lack of breathability” caused her disrupted focus”

I have read mixed reviews about Nike’s decision to create the Nike Pro Hijab, however I personally think it’s amazing. Unfortunately equality is an on going struggle in our world and for a huge company like Nike to push it in the right direction, how can you not think that it’s great? Muslim athlete’s deserve the right to train and compete in just as much comfort as anyone else.

Nike may have caused a lot of controversy with their new design but maybe that’s for the best. Emphasising that people are still undergoing inequality by creating something as minor as a piece of clothing, Nike are making people realise that it’s actually a major problem.

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