A real life Lego House?!

Does anyone remember Lego House by Ed Sheeran? The one where Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley, was Ed’s look-a-like? It was released 6 years ago as his third single and I bet he never expected for his lyrics to become reality!

Denmark’s Lego House will be opening on the 28th September this year. A house architecturally designed to look like multiple lego bricks and it’s for all ages (woo!).

Keeled Kirk Kristiansen, the Chairman of KIRKBI A/S and 3rd generation LEGO owner, had a vision to support learning through play. The “Home of the Brick” will be full of different ‘zones’, cafes, restaurants and of course a LEGO store. Each zone has a different purpose:
– Red Zone: spontaneous creativity and free-building
– Green Zone: role-play with your own characters and stories
– Blue Zone: put your cognitive skills to the test
– Yellow Zone: play with emotions

The zones will allow children and others to learn and explore using whilst having fun. It also has a History Collection where you can follow the LEGO timeline as well as a Masterpiece Gallery which will showcase the most amazing LEGO creations built by LEGO fans.

A recent TV series named Lego Masters (which is really good by the way, you should definitely watch it for your inner child’s sake!) saw eight teams of two create outstanding builds and designs using only their creativity and LEGO bricks. The finalists of the show got to showcase their work in London’s Design Museum in Kensington before the winner got announced. (SPOILER ALERT!) Steve and Nate won the title of Lego Master(s) and will now have their work exhibited in the official LEGO house in Denmark!

Without a doubt the LEGO house will now become a worldwide attraction for those young and old, and i’m sure Ed Sheeran will pay it a visit also!

Read more on the LEGO house website.